What is the function of the liver & 10 ways how to make liver strong

What is the function of the liver & how to make liver strong. The liver is that the second and most vital organ in physical body parts. If seen, it’s vital for all body parts to run smoothly. If even a neighbourhood of the body doesn’t do its work properly then it doesn’t take long for the body to deteriorate.

What is the function of the liver & 10 ways to strong the liver.

What is the function of the liver?

Everyone is aware of this information directly related to digestive function of liver, but liver function is not limited to digestion. It keeps about 500 activities of the body under its control.

In such a situation, if the health of the liver is affected in the least, then the power of the functioning of our body also starts to be destroyed. Let us understand the 10 main function of the liver in simple language.

function of the liver

10 main function of the liver

1. Produces and secretes bile. Bile is important for the absorption of fat and vitamins.

2. Filters blood from the digestive system.

3. Inactivates the poisonous substance in the liver and produces protein, thereby protecting the body from infection.

4. Alcohol is absorbed into the blood by absorbing drugs, other substances, etc. Along with it also releases cholesterol, hormones etc.

5. In addition to employing many types of enzymes, it produces enzymes necessary for digestion.

6. Collects glycogen, vitamins, minerals, vitamin B12, glucose and iron etc.

7. Performs the main function of excluding toxic toxin from the body.

8. Produces elements that stop the flowing blood.

9. Strengthens metabolism.

10. Produces and secretes many sorts of important chemicals that are essential for other organs.

Function of the liver

Bile produced by the liver may be a quite alkaline substance alkaline which protects the body from acid damage by reducing stomach acid.

Without bile, digestion of fat is not possible, nor is the body able to take vitamins from food which are fat soluble such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K etc.

The gall bladder needs bile produced by the liver to do its job properly. As soon as some quantity of bile is made in the gall bladder, the bile begins to thicken, after which the gall bladder secretes it as needed. This system is very important for proper digestion.

At the time of digestion of food, ammonia starts in the body which can be toxic to the body but the liver turns it into urea and excretes it through urine through the kidneys.

Whenever the body is ill or the body does not get food at the time of need, then the body needs energy i.e. glucose, then the liver makes up for this deficiency. This glucose is stored in the liver in the form of glycogen.

How to make liver strong?

1. Take less sugar and total fats

If you want to avoid obesity, then you have to do it. Do not take unbalanced diet. If you do not do this, then you may also have to face liver damage due to fatty liver.

2. Fruits and leafy vegetables

Increase intake of apples, fruit smoothies or juices, carrots, tomatoes, watermelon, papaya, grapes, peanuts, guava, coriander, beets, garlic, walnuts and green leafy vegetables rich in regular fiber and antioxidants. . This will keep the liver healthy.

Grapes and peanuts contain a compound called resveratrol, which can prevent liver cancer. Include vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli in the diet regularly. Because they are high in sulfur, they expel toxins rapidly and keep the liver clean.

3. Lemon

Once a day in lemon tea, salad or water. Lemon is helpful in removing toxins from the body. It does not allow pancreatic stones to develop. Not only this, it also increases your digestion.

4. Turmeric

It is a store of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, which is helpful in getting the toxins out of the body.

5. Green Tea

It contains abundant catechins and antioxidants which helps in reducing the fat deposition in the liver by increasing the efficiency of liver functioning.

6. Olive oil

Use this oil in making food and keep it sweet. Olive oil reduces the risk of liver diseases.

7. Jowar and millet

The fiber present in them helps in getting out the toxin from the body, which cleanses the liver.

8. Exercise

For the health of the liver, where cleanliness is necessary, a little exercise or exercise is also necessary to improve its functioning.

Liver lifespan can be increased by regular 30-minute workout daily. Also get enough sleep. After the meal, go for a walk of 10-15 minutes. Avoid consumption of alcohol, fried food and non-vegetarian food etc.

9. Fasting juice

Fasting is an excellent way to keep the liver clean. No solid food is taken during the fast. Due to which the liver gets rest and fruits, juice or some vegetables are taken at a given time which the liver easily digests in a very short time.

We have provided you several ways to clean the liver, choose one which is right for your body according to your body’s ability. If you already have any problem or have diabetes then consult your doctor.

10. Take care

Take special care of cleanliness around you. Avoid consumption of things found in the open outside. If you ever need blood transfusions then take blood from a certified place, so that there is no risk of infection.

Get Hepatitis A and B vaccines. The most important thing is to keep weight under control and always choose a nutritious diet and yes drink plenty of water.

The liver sometimes comes in contact with very toxic substances during its functioning, due to which it directly affects the health and performance of the liver. According to experts, the work load on the liver is so much that it remains at risk of infection, which also causes fear of diseases.

Therefore, do not ignore the health of liver. Because healthy body is dependent on healthy liver. A slight change in the liver in many natural and straightforward routines can make you wish for a healthy and clean liver 100 percent.

Hopefully, you will like this information regarding function of the liver and how to make liver strong, it will prove beneficial for you.

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