Top 5 movie banned in India, you will be socked to know

Movie banned in India, you will be socked to know. Indian censor board is known for being strict when it comes to certifying films, here are 5 Bollywood films that have been banned in India. Which can be seen on different platforms.

Top 5 movie banned in India,

1. The gandu Gondo

movie banned in india
The gandu Gondo

This movie is described as a rap musical following the character named Gandu and his exploits and trying to make something of himself. The film has been critically acclaimed but the film was banned due to its explicit sexual scenes and defying Indian sensibilities.

2. Kama sutra

movie banned in india
Kama sutra

It movie probably the most hypocritical banned by the Indian censor board is on a film about something that India is known for the film, follows four main characters intertwined by the concept of sex.

This movie deemed unethical immoral and too explicit for the screens it was critically acclaimed but released in India after two minutes of nudity being cut from the film.

3. Black Friday

movie banned in india
Black Friday

It is an Anurag kashyap film. Black Friday had to fight very hard to be released the film deals with the 1993 Bombay bombings, although the film was critically acclaimed after its release the Indian censor board. Deemed it to be too dark after three years the film was finally released in 2007 after the Supreme Court of India allowed it.

4. Bandit queen

movie banned in india
Bandit queen

Chicago’s 1994 film. Bandit Queen based on real-life events was quite controversial especially because it was released in time where romantic films dominated Bollywood, however due to itsexplicit sexual content nudity and abusive language and after a challenge of authenticity to the film the Delhi High Court temporarily banned the movie.

5. India’s daughter

movie banned in india
India’s daughter

This India’s daughters a documentary film based on the 2012 Delhi gang rape and murder of 23 year old Jyoti Singh. Initially the documentary was to be aired around the world to coincide with International Women’s Day but when it was learned that one of the rapists would appear in the film.

Court order prohibiting the broadcast of the film was obtained by the Delhi police who had filed for a first information report, this action was granted due to the fact that the rapists case is under trial by the Supreme Court of India.

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