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5 Tips how to save laptop battery & reason to be malfunction

How to save laptop battery & reason to be malfunction. Nowadays, it is the age of technology. Talking about technology in the world, the whole world is engaged in beating each other. America or Japan, India or Pakistan or all these countries have been competing against each other in technology. But do you know that testing of all technology is done on computer or laptop only.

5 Tips how to save laptop battery & reason to be malfunction

Laptop which is very advanced nowadays and is expected to move from one place to another. Therefore, the demand for laptops in the international market is increasing very fast, but do we know what parts of this laptop are there. Under what conditions do they work properly? And how old is it. How to use the laptop that its parts last longer.

laptop battery

Most important thing about a laptop is its battery. It is seen that laptop batteries do not usually last even for 2 years and they deteriorate.

Let us know, what is the reason for the laptop battery malfunction? And how to use it for a long time.

If we follow the news, then the laptop company deliberately forces us to buy a new battery to loosen our pockets by calling the battery as bad. Opening the laptop battery, you will find that there is a combination of several lithium cells inside it. There is some limit to the charge discharge cycle of a lithium cell.

• Such as full charge up to 500 times – gives very good backup up to discharge (cycle). Up to 700 cycles also provide good backup. But what laptop manufacturers do nowadays is that they put such circuits in the laptop battery that keeps counting how many times you charge-discharge the battery. The circuit works not only on 500 cycles but also up to 300 cycles.

• As soon as the battery completes 300 cycles, the battery management circuit (BMS) becomes inactive and the story of the battery finishes on 300 cycles

Reason to be malfunction

Now, even if we take only 300 cycles and replace those old cells with a new cell, BMS will not work. Because:

1. Some companies lock the BMS’s EEPROM chip with secret code. Even if you install a new battery, the EEPROM chip will consider the new battery cycle as 300 and will not give output waltz.

2. Secondly, as soon as you remove the old cell, the circuit will detect and some digital information is saved in the chip which disappears with the removal of the old battery.

3. If you run laptop on battery every day, then most of the 300 cycles reach in 1 year and if you use laptop on battery for a short time, then it may take 2 years or even 4 to reach 300 cycles.

4. Not all companies maintain BMS lock and 300 limit. Many companies run as long as the battery can. This limit technology has started coming in the laptops of new models.

5. If you want to increase the battery life, want the battery to last 5 years, then you have to keep the charge-discharge cycle short. For this, you should either keep your battery always plugged in at 100% or between 60-80%.

These all are the reasons for battery deterioration and we hope so all the mentioned tips above will be useful for you to function laptop’s battery longer.

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