5 scientists and their inventions became reason of death

scientists and their inventions became reason of death. Although there have been many inventions in the world every day, but the talk of these inventors and invention is different.

These inventors lost their lives in the pursuit of giving the best gifts to the world. We are very grateful to them. We were given a book of General Knowledge in our childhood days and had to memorize inventions and inventors’ names from it.

The record of the longest, shortest and longest was also an important part of that book. But you have hardly any idea that many people who have recorded their names in golden letters in history have lost their lives for this.

Anyway, the whole world is aware of this, that history has recovered full value from those who make history. Here we are presenting for you 5 such inventors and inventors who have put everything at stake for the betterment of human civilization, even life.

5 scientists and their inventions became reason of death

1. Max Velier

scientists and their inventions
Image Source – Google | Image by-  Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-01338 / Georg Pahl / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Max Velier – An Australian rocket pioneer with an alcohol-rocket burst on his test bench.

Max Vellier was from Germany and was a member of the German Rocketering Society. In the year 1930, he was inventing a rocket which could give speed to automobiles. His invention exploded during testing and his life was lost at that time.

2. Lee Si

Lee Si – died Because of the five pens compensation method started by himself, Lee Si started this sentence.

Five Pens Punishment was an old-fashioned punishment in China. Li Si started it when he was the Prime Minister of which dynasty. Under this, it was also necessary to get tattooed on the face of whom, to cut one’s nose or to cut the body of the guilty in four parts. In 208 BCE Lee was punished exactly as he had started.

3. Marie Curie

scientists and their inventions
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Marie Curie – Patients with aplastic anemia, due to which they have been exposed to ionized radiation for a long time.

The whole world knows my Curie as a common inventor of radium and polonium. She died due to prolonged exposure to her own researched substances and the radiation emitted.

4. Gim Fix

The father of the American Fitness Revolution died on the run. Gim Fix knows the whole world as a person who worked to establish jogging as a fashion statement. Gim was just 52 years old in 1977 and one day said goodbye to the world due to heart attack while running.

5. Alexander Bogdanov

scientists and their inventions

Alexander Bogdanov – Gave new dimensions to the blood exchange, a victim suffering from TB and malaria. Alexander lost his life during the test of blood.

Bogdanov was a resident of Russia and is known as the first person in the world who initiated the exchange of blood. They were trying to achieve perpetual youth. He also had some success in this direction. However, when he was doing research on a student and tried to give blood to himself, he also suffered from malaria and diseases of the student suffering from TB and eventually lost his life.

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