5 science inventions became reason for scientist death

science inventions became reason for scientist death. We were given a book of “science inventions” General Knowledge in our childhood days and had to memorize inventions and inventors’ names from it.

The record of the longest, shortest and longest was also an important part of that book but you have hardly any idea that many people who have recorded their names in golden letters in history have lost their lives for this.

Although there have been many inventions in the world every day, but the talk of these inventors and invention is different. These inventors lost their lives in the pursuit of giving the best gifts to the world. We are very grateful to them.

Anyway, the whole world is aware of this, that history has recovered full value from those who make history. Here we are presenting for you 5 such inventors and inventors who have put everything at stake for the betterment of human civilization, even life.

5 science inventions became reason for scientist death

1. Thomas Andrews

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The man who designed the Titanic, who drowned with the Titanic. Thomas hailed from Ireland and was an architect of the Navy. He also instructed not to venture into the icy waters of the Titanic and to keep a lot of lifeboats in the ship.

When the Titanic hit the glacier, they were engaged in a campaign to get the children and women safe. He was last seen crying in the deck rooms. His body could never be found again.

2. Michael Dakre

He crashed the flying taxi, which he invented himself. Michael Dakre invented a Hawaiian taxi called the AVCEN Jetpod. It could also fly in the air and land in regional areas and cities. In 2009, when he flew alone to test it, he accidentally lost his life.

3. Otto Lilianthal

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Invented the hand glider and lost his life when it crashed. Otto Lilianthal was known as the Glider King by the world. In the year 1896, he was flying at just 50 feet and succumbed to accident. He was not expecting this but due to injuries sustained during this period, he could not escape after 36 months.

4. William Bullock

William Bullock Stuck in his own printing press, and lost his life due to Gagarin. Bullock is known as the inventor of the web rotary printing press. He was getting a similar machine installed in Philadelphia when his foot got stuck in this heavy machine. Gangrene slowly spread in that injured leg and Bullock died during to cut that leg.

5. Horace Lawson Hanley

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He invented the antidote submarine and went to test it with his crew. Hanley was a Marine engineer and inventor who built the first battle submarine. He named it CSS Hanley. He went underwater for its testing in the year 1863 and could never come back again with all his crewmates.

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