Popular hashtag | 6 # Hashtags that have been very popular all over world

Popular hashtag, #Hashtags sign! We all know that # hash is a symbol in a computer’s key board and all use it as a normal symbol. ‘Popular hashtag‘, but there are some # hash signs which become very popular due to the presence of two or four words in social media and such words are in trend on social media. As soon as you click on this (#). You also see all the comments, links, and articles of that subject.

What is a hashtag?

#Hashtag, you must be wondering what is this hashtag, how and who started it? A website that we know today as Twitter is the first website that used the hashtag on its platform 12 years ago and like @, the hashtag has become a digital replica of social media today.

Who has started the (#) hashtag?

Twitter user Chris Messina first used the # hashtag in 2007. Later, Twitter made this symbol a part of its software to categorize the topics according to their title. After this, Flickr, Tumbler, Google Plus, and Facebook made this symbol a part of their methodology.

In this era of social media, discussions on ‘hashtag’ trending are more. So there is a good chance to put your thoughts here. There are discussions here, both positive and negative discussions. Some people use profanity in discussion. It sounds bad to hear this, but the word that has a hashtag in front of it, then that issue is in tending.

The issue of hashtags can be very serious, social or entertainment, anything. It is often seen that celebrities or political parties also jump into this hash tag.

Whether it is from the entertainment world or political, articles, comments, discussions are spread as soon as you apply a hashtag and it turns into a trending form. You know, there are #hashtags that have been very much discussed in the last few years.

Six Popular hashtag

1. #Barcamp

This is the first hashtag, Twitter user Chris Messina first used the hashtag in 2007. After which Twitter adopted it and hashtag came into play. Due to this being the first hashtag, it was very much discussed and came in trend, after which many words which had a hashtag in front of it remained in the discussion.

2. #BlackLivesMatte

It was started on Twitter and it became so popular that now there is an online forum and charity with this name. Which works against apartheid. This hashtag works against apartheid on Twitter.

3. #IceBucketChallenge

In 2014, a hashtag was launched to pour icy cold water on itself, and in view of the world’s big celebrities, common people also adopted this challenge and posted it on social media. The challenge was to raise funds for people suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

4. #Bottle Cap Challenge

This hashtag was also widely discussed. Hollywood star Jason Statham shared the video of opening the bottle lid with a reverse spun kick, which was followed by the ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’ and was well-liked by many, which became a trend.

5. #Stay Home

This tag is very famous these days, due to which people are being encouraged to live in their homes in the world. This hashtag has been adopted to prevent corona virus to make people aware of staying home.

The corona virus has caused countless deaths worldwide. This hashtag also inspires social distancing so that people stay at home and keep social distance maintained.

6. #VijayBharat

Twit with #vijayBharat was the most popular twit of the year after victory in Loksabha elections. More than 1.2 lakh people re-twitted. While more than 4.2 lakh people liked it. Prime Minister Modi’s winning India hashtag was very much discussed, this hashtag was very beneficial for Prime Minister Modi in the election. There is hardly any political hash tag in the discussion of any other party in the world.

There are other (#) hashtags that dominate the world. But some of them have been very Popular hashtag which we told about. In the coming times, many such Popular hashtag will be in trend. Who have their own place in social, political and entertainment world and some likes and dislikes,

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