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How to make extra money online | 6 Earning Platforms

How to make extra money online. Internet usage is no longer limited to social media or internet surfing. Rather it can also be used for earning from home. how to earn online, many online platforms exist for this nowadays which provide such opportunities. It is only necessary that you want to bring your talent on these platforms.

Nowadays, educated women waste their talent by staying at home. Who does not feel comfortable in getting a job out of home or cannot go out of work for some reason. For them, digital platform can be the best way of earning. Which can make them financially strong and can help them by earning with their partner at home.

How to make extra money online | 6 Online Earning Platforms

(1) How to earn by Freelance Work

Freelance craze is growing very fast in the whole world today. Especially for those who are talented, it is not difficult to find freelance work. The good thing is that it makes good income sitting at home. If you are an expert in content writing, then sites like Content (,, are popular.

If you want to find other types of freelance jobs, then you can visit sites like (,, or you can also search part time jobs with freelance work, and you can earn good money for your livelihood. This is one of the best way How to make extra money online?

how to earn online

(2) How to earn by Affiliate Marketing

If you run a blog or website. So you can also earn from affiliate marketing at home. The special thing is that for this, neither you have to seek any help nor much technical information is required. You can join the affiliate program of Amazon or Flip kart.

Or you can promote any product of a company on your blog or website. So the company provides you a special affiliate link, you can place that link on a blog, website, or Facebook page, Instagram or any social site. If any product is purchased from that link, then the company pays you its commission. Nowadays it is the time of online shopping and people shop online very much.

(3) How to earn by Online tuition

If you have studied well and have a good grasp of any subject, then you can try online tuition. With this help, a student can teach in any corner of the world. E-tuition is like a virtual class. Where there is a facility of virtual tools, whiteboards and chatting.

If you want to find online tuition, then you can take help like (,, to take a job here, you have to give a test first, if you are selected, then you get a job.

(4) How to earn by YouTube Channel

If you want to have a good earning sitting at home, YouTube can become a very lucrative platform. People are earning millions and crores from this today.

How to make extra money online
Earn by youtube

For this, you should have a good content, which can attract people to you and you should have power in your video, so that people can watch the entire video to see that content, if you have the pleasure of cooking, or singing. , Comedy, or acting, this platform can give you a good earning.

Many women do not like to come in front of the camera and show their faces. If you are hesitant to face the camera, there are many animation applications, in which only you have to direct the animation through your voice.

(5) How to earn by Virtual Assistant

If you like interacting with people. And there is also a good grip on language with communication skills. So the work of virtual assistant can be done from home. This work is gradually becoming famous. It can be a good way of an extra earning. The way a personal assistant works in the offices, almost the same way a virtual assistant does.

Such as phone call, data entry, meeting arrangement etc. If you like the work of virtual assistant then you can check on these sites. Such as (, and can earn good from home.

(6) How to earn by Blog or Website

If you run a blog or website. If a good number of people visit your website, then it can be a very good medium of earning, for this you will have to apply for Google and such an aid company, you provide ADS, if the user is on that ADS Clicks, or if the visitor on the site is more, then there can be a good earning.

You can only How to make extra money online. When you take it seriously like a real job. In this, you will not earn much in the beginning, for good earnings you also need patience with quality work.

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