How internet works | 5 best way to know what is internet ?

What is internet? How internet works? Where does it come from? Yes, I know you have been thinking and these all questions are blowing in your mind, but do we have ever thought. What kinds of magic is that. What is realistic process? How do we get data just in one click? We will know all the fact.

Internet has become our need, sort of became part of our life such as we need foods, water to live in the same manner it has become important.  For basic information we would like to tell whatever method we used to send and receive the data whether by Facebook, what’s app and to see the images on any website or blog.

how internet works

All process to get information happen through internet. In just few minutes your message transfer to your relatives, friends, and you read that information just happened by only internet.

It means international networks of computers, under this process two or more than two computers are connected to each other. In simple words if we talk about to exchange any kind of information among two or more than two computers or devices by TCP/IP protocol method is called internet.

How internet works | 5 best way to know what is internet ?

1. When internet come into existence

We use it but we don’t know how it came into existence. In 1969 when man first time went on moon the USA defense organization had appointed an advance research project agency in which four computers were connected to each other to exchange data and share.

Later on, it was added with an agency and gradually services were increased and opened it for common people. Later on many agencies also included to enhance this services. We can say that there is no control of any agencies and not having ownership of any individual agency.

2. When internet started in India?

It had been started in India on 15 august 1995 by VSNL. Later on private service providers such as Airtel, Vodafone and Idea etc. started to provide internet services.

3. How internet works worldwide

Many people thinks that it works only by satellite. It is true but not 100%, earlier internet functioned only by satellite and due to technical issue and slowness of internet speed become dull, at the passes of time another technique come into existence by which internet services are provided.  

how internet works

Technique name is Optical fiber cable.  Many people keeps asking, is there any wire circulated into ocean by which internet services provided. Yes, it is correct that’s the technique is called Optical fiber cable. More than 8 lakhs km optical fiber cable circulated worldwide under ocean and around 90% services is provided through this cables.

It is asked that the cable circulated in ocean doesn’t damage or crack and if happen then how is it resolved?

Yes, it is write once it happened in Egypt on 13 January 2008 and 70% its services was damaged but there is a team who always observe and keep an eye to fix the wire cable to provide batter services.

4. How mobile and wireless network works?

Optical fiber cable is connected to your local area network via tower by the service provider. Your mobile or wireless device are connected to locale service tower then we are able to use the internet through mobile.

90% internet used by worldwide then question raise that who does use remaining 10% services and how?

Remaining 10% are used by secret agency which is operated by satellite as burden on satellite is very less and common person cannot used that networks.

5. How internet process ?

Basically it mean to be collect data from one location to send another location, such as postal service does. Its sent letter from one location to another but it provide more service such as sending massages, Videos, photograph, Audio and many more. But how it works, for better understand lets we divide it into three categories.

  1. E-server where all the information of world are saved.
  2. Internet service provider by which internet services is used such as Vodafone, Airtel etc.
  3. Internet browser which is used by your local device computer mobile.

Whenever you search any information by your browser from your local devices that information are sent to your service providers and that service provider sends request to collect information to the server and then search result is displayed to user. These all process to send request and receive information happens within second.

I hope so, we understood that how it process sent and received request worldwide.

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