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10 Government policies for women’s to help them

Government policies for women’s. Such schemes which are made for women but even today there are many women who are deprived of these schemes. Today women are finding their existence in the male dominated society. She is raising her status, but she has to face many problems many times. Which puts a question mark on their rights.

The government has made several schemes which are beneficial for women. Let us know, there are some schemes by which women bear the right to protect their rights and women are benefiting from it.

Government policies for women's

10 Government policies for women’s to help them

#1. Financial assistance to women suffering from dowry

Under the scheme, for women whose monthly income is less than Rs 1000, women who have filed first information report in the police station due to dowry or are under consideration in the court, a lump sum of Rs 1000 for advocating legal suit. There is a provision of grant, which can go forward.

#2. Ration card for women

Ration cards of the state are also made in the name of women. Ration card, whether of NFSA, of state scheme or of BPL, is made in the name of women members of the family. Ration card is made in the name of a male when there is no female member in the family. The District Supply Officer office can be contacted to get a ration card.

#3. Indira Gandhi Maternity Support Scheme

A child who is pregnant or milking a child is eligible for this scheme. Financial assistance of Rs 4000 is given to pregnant women above 19 years of age to take care of their first two children up to the age of six months. This help is provided in three installments.

Applications can be made in the District Program Officer or District Magistrate’s Office and the scheme can be availed.

#4. Vaishnavi Suraksha Yojana

Under this, the mother’s photo with the newborn girl has to be sent to the department. After this, the Vaishnavi kit is provided, in which many useful things are given for the newborn.

The parents are also given Vaishnavi kit, which is connected to various schemes. Many people get the benefit of this scheme.

#5. safety plan for mothers

In this all the facility of maternity is provided free of cost. The health department provides medicines, tests, X-rays, ultrasound, urine, blood, movement facilities and food for free. If the maternity also needs to refer to the higher center, then it is done by the Department of Health.

With this, there is also a provision to provide financial assistance to the maternity for delivery from the government hospital to the general ward. Similarly, the Health Department provides free facilities to the newborn for one year.

#6. Sakhi Auto Plan

Special care has been taken in this scheme for single, widow, abandoned, destitute women. In this, eligible women are being given a loan of Rs 1.5 lakh for the purchase of e-rickshaws.

There will be 50 thousand rupees as subsidy. The District Magistrate’s office can be applied for this and its benefits can reach those women who are disabled.

#7. Maintenance grant scheme

Abandoned women whose age is more than 35 years or less than 60 years. At least seven years have elapsed since the husband left her or whose husband has been missing for seven years.

Mentally deranged women whose age is more than 18 years and less than 60 years, husband of women mentally deranged and unmarried women whose age is more than 40 years and below 60 years and dependent on parents and BPL Pension grant Rs 800 per month to those who fall in the category or fall in the rural area or in rural areas not exceeding Rs 15976 and in urban areas Rs 21206.

#8. Kasturba Gandhi Girls School Scheme

Under this scheme, education of girls from class one to eight is arranged. These are residential schools. The system of living, eating etc. of these girls is free, this scheme is run under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, which helps many girls to become self-reliant and progress in the development of the country.

#9. CM Older Women Nutrition Scheme

In Anganwadi centers, women above 60 years of age are provided nutritious food under this scheme. Application can be made in the District Program Officer Office or the District Magistrate Office. Women who are deprived of nutritious food can take advantage of it.

#10. Destitute widow pension maintenance grant

In this scheme, destitute women of 18 years to 60 years, destitute women whose monthly income does not exceed one thousand rupees and son, grandson does not exceed 20 years, provided a pension of Rs 800 per month for the maintenance and education of children.

The life of women is improving due to this Government policies for women’s. If there are any women around you who are deprived of these schemes, then inform them about that, so that they become powerful and live their lives well. If that woman is not able, then you should inform them about this to the District Magistrate.

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