10 Most beautiful and cheapest countries to visit

10 Most Beautiful and cheapest countries to visit. Where Indians Become Millionaires Most Beautiful and Cheapest Countries to visit – We Indians always dream that once or at all, we must travel abroad, whether it is a Honeymoon with wife or holiday program with children.

But say the lack of money or savings, we all hesitate in the name of going abroad because thinking to go there is one thing and raising expenses there is another.

We all know that countries outside are very expensive but let us tell you that there are many countries in the world whose rupee is much less than Indian currency. The currency of these countries is so much less than the rupees of India that you will get a millionaire feeling here.

cheapest countries to visit

Today we are going to tell you about some of the most beautiful and cheap country in the world whose currency rate is so much lower than India that you will be surprised to know. People from all over the world come to visit these places and spend holidays.

This most beautiful and cheap country is not only cheap but also one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in the world.

10 Most Beautiful and cheapest countries to visit

1 – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is our neighbour and in the case of currency one rupee of India is equal to 2 Sri Lankan rupees. That means double. All your money will double by going here.

2 – Hungary

The price of an Indian rupee in Hungary is 4 Hungarian forint. Going here, your money will be four times more.

3 – Zimbabwe

Here you will get 6 Zimbabian dollars for one Indian rupee. That is, every single rupee will be multiplied by 6 going here.

4- Costa Rica

The cost of an Indian rupee in Costa Rica is 8 calls. You will get to see a very beautiful view filled with a volcanic mountains with cold winds here.

5 – Mongolia

In this country, the value of your rupee will increase to 30 times. That is, by going here, your Indian rupee will be 30 Tugrik.

6- Cambodia

In Cambodia, the price of one Indian rupee is 63 Cambodian rails. Here you will also be able to spend like the rich and enjoy the old forts here.

7- Paraguay

The price of one Indian rupee in this country becomes 88 Paraguayan Guarani. This place is full of beautiful waterfalls

8- Indonesia

In Indonesia, the price of an Indian rupee is 206 Indonesian rupees, that is, your 1 lakh rupees will be worth 2 crore 60 thousand rupees here.

9- Belarus

The currency rate of a beautiful country like Belarus is also much lower than India and here your 1 rupee is equal to 216 rubles.

10 – Vietnam

In Vietnam, an Indian rupee costs 350 Vietnams dong. That means by going here, your 1 lakh rupees will become 3 crore 50 lakhs.

These all are the most beautiful and cheapest countries to visit you now became millionaire. So now if you are planning a holiday, then you can include these 10 cheapest countries to visit in your list.

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