Bhool Bhulaiya Lucknow | 5 secret facts of Bada Imambara

Bhool Bhulaiya lucknow, Bada Imambara lucknow one the the tourist places in India. Bhool Bhulaiya lucknow, Peopel having many different ideas about bhool Bhulaiyaa,

Tourist in huge crowd come here for roaming and take some remembrance from here. Let’s know some intrestesing fact about it. bhool bhulaiya was built during 1784. It takes 45 steps stairs to go from bottom to top (to Bhool Bhulaya hall).

There are four ways everywhere at Bhool Bhulaiya lucknow, out of them three are wrong (mistakes) ways and one is correct which lead to your destination. Being entered, you will first find chines hall, which was built on chines plate design. It’s having around 1024 paths.

bhool Bhulaiyaa lucknow

1. Tunnels

There are multiple underground tunnels which leads to Delhi, Agra, Faijabad and from Lucknow to Calcutta. During the time of battle (Nawab wazid ali) 172 British soldiers went into the tunnel, died due to insufficient of oxygen and could not return back.

Later on the tunnels were shut down so that people could not go into these tunnels by the present government. During 1857 when battle was going on all the ways of tunnel’s ventilation in the city were closed since oxygen is not in the tunnels.

2. Secret Soldiers places

It was a secret standing soldier place at the distance of 900 feet from where soldier of Nawab used to have eye on passerby to identify the people as a friends or enemy who wanted to meet Nawab, kept inform about passerby.

3. Eco sounds magic balcony

A balcony by name Persian design balcony is known for its ‘ECO sound magic’ a whisper can be heard from people around the wall from the distance of 163 feet and so far as a sound set of fir match can be heard easily.

4. Muskmelon Hall

A hall which is known as muskmelon hall was basically used for ladies setting. In this hall ladies meeting used to conduct. At the second level there is a 330 feet long gallery and in all building having 7 gallery like that. If you put your ear on any of wall whisper sound can be heard from distance of 100 feet.

5. Nawab Sahib’s Words

Nawab sahib used to say. “ jisko de maula usko de assufuddaula, or jisko na de maula usko dilwaye assufuddaula se” to provide the employment of needy person. The Building was constructed and 22000 laborers were engaged to construct the Imambara.

Real thing is, this building used to construct in day and the same used to collapse by laborer every night. So that every needy person could get the employment and amount could be distributed equally among them.

These all informations about Bhool bhulaiya lucknow, ‘imam bada lucknow’ can be seen in reality.

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