Best 10 places to visit in South america

places to visit in south America. It is a continent of superlatives “places to visit in South America” the highest lake the driest desert the largest waterfall well you get the picture environmentalists will enjoy the amazing fauna in the Amazon.

While shoppers can choose between upscale boutiques and big cities like Rio de Janeiro ordered the colorful markets of the Andean villages you can explore lost cities of ancient.

Civilizations feast your eyes on stunning scenery almost everywhere you go or you can try out the local cuisine it’s your choice in South America gives you lots of them.

Here is a look at the Best 10 places to visit in south america

1. Cartagena

Cartagena tourist place in south america

It is a major city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast it was founded by the Spanish in 1533 who named it after Carta heinous pain during Spain’s domination in South America the city was the center of politics and the economy

It is quite a modern city today but you’ll find a walled historic Center and the fortress deemed the largest fortifications in South America that defended it Cartagena has rich social scene with celebrations during the time historical centers and craftsmanship exhibitions.

2. Los Glacieres National Park

Los Glacieres National Park tourist places in south america

They don’t do things in a small way in los glaciers Park not only is the park the largest national park in Argentina it is home to the largest ice cap.

Outside of Greenland and Antarctica an ice cap that feeds 47 large glaciers the most famous of these is the peridot Moreno glacier the park is also home to Lake Argentino the largest in the country while the glaciers are located in the southern section of the park.

The northern section features majestic mountains such as mount fitzroy offering hiking and mountain climbing

3. Pantanal

Pantanal tourist places in south america

It is the world’s biggest wetland mine generally in western Brazil yet reaching out into Bolivia and Paraguay as well famous for its natural life.

It is one of Brazil’s major tourist attractions unlike the Amazon rainforest in the Pantanal you are virtually guaranteed to actually see the wildlife capybara and caiman are present in the millions, the Pantanal is additionally home to one of the biggest Jaguar populaces in the Americas.

4. Ushuaia

Ushuaia tourist place in south america

If you like to Tour remote places then put Ushuaia on your favourite list, the capital of Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego Ushuaia is considered the southernmost city in the world indeed the train to the end of the world pins here nestled among the mountains along a de guiche Wyatt is very picturesque.

When it’s not cloudy or windy which is much of the time the former penal colony has a prison museum and it’s a good place to see penguins orca whales and seals.

5. Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park tourist place in south america

In the northernmost part of Colombia is the Tayrona National Park which mortars the Caribbean Sea and offers remarkable beaches and scenery for visitors.

 One of the top spots in the park is the lagoon called la Piscina where a natural reef turns the lagoon into a protected swimming area there are also a lot of sandy climbing trails prompting and from the coast huge numbers of which give marvellous perspectives over the Caribbean.

6. Quito Ecuador

Quito Ecuador tourist place in south america

Capital Quito is unique among world capitals it is the highest capital in the world and also of closest to the equator founded by the Spanish in 1534 Quito colorful old town is a standout amongst other protected least changed and biggest.

In all the Americas located in Ecuador’s northern highlands the city is surrounded by volcanoes that can be seen on a clear day Quito is the only world capital that is threatened by active volcanoes

7. Colca canyon

Colca canyon tourist place in south america

There’s a reason Colca canyon is the third most visited tourist destination in Peru stunning views the canyon is one of the deepest in the world and more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.

 If you get tired of scenic views you can feast your eyes on the sky where you may see and Deanne condors and the biggest hummingbirds you’ve ever seen, villages are a good place to buy local hand crafts

8. San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama tourist place in south america

San Pedro de Atacama is it to lay in town on the edge of one of the world’s most breath-taking landscapes austere endless flood and salt Plains surrounded by coppery mountains are plentiful and have to be seen to be believed the nightlife.

Here is a little extraordinary the large draw is Star Tours and it is probably the darkest spot on the planet and a chance to see the night sky undiluted.

9. Angel Falls

Angel Falls tourist place in south america

Angel falls is most definitely a scene stealer in Venezuela’s Guiana Highlands, it is the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world, 15 times higher than Niagara Falls water cascades more than 3200 feet down the mountain into the river below.

The waterfall is named for American Jimmy angel who in 1937 became the first pilot to fly over the falls getting there is an adventure involving plane and riverboat rides.

10. Salvador

Salvador tourist place in south america

With its excellent old town that exhibits such a wonderful cluster of seventeenth and eighteenth century frontier design. Salvador is certainly a charming city to behold its rich Afro-Brazilian culture and vibrant art scene shine through.

It’s an intoxicating and lively place to be particularly during Carnival located on a huge All Saints Bay the city’s setting only adds to its attractiveness while the old town with its cobbled lanes memorable destinations and intriguing historical centers is the feature of Salvador the vibe about the spot is irresistible.

Hope so you have enjoyed best places to visit in South America.

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