5 weird taxes of the world you would be shocked to know that

Weird taxes of the world. There is a provision to pay tax in all the countries of the world. The development of the country is done only through tax. The government of all countries dictates how much tax is payable for which item and the public has to pay it, but you should be told that you will have to pay tax for getting tattoo or buying pumpkin.

Yes, today there are many countries in the world where such strange and poor taxes are collected. Knowing whom you will be shocked, 5 such taxes which we are going to introduce to you today are normal to hear, but before thinking about it, it makes you wonder.

5 weird taxes of the world

1. Tax on Pumpkin

weird taxes

Tax on Pumpkin – It is strange to think that there is a tax on Pumpkin as well. You have hardly ever thought of paying tax for pumpkin. But people in New Jersey of America also have to pay tax for pumpkin.

2. Tax on toilet flush

weird taxes

Tax on toilet flush – you read it right and how would you feel if you had to pay tax on toilet flush too? There is one such country where you have to pay tax on toilet flush. Something similar happens in Maryland, America. Here the government imposes a tax of about 4.94 dollar per month on the use of toilet flush.

3. Tax on Ice Block

weird taxes

Tax on Ice Block – It is strange to hear that people have to pay tax even on buying a piece of ice (ice block) in Arizona, America. However, if people buy ice cube, there is no tax for it.

4. Tax on cards

weird taxes

Tax on cards – In Alabama, America, and people also have to pay tax to buy or sell cards. The buyer has to pay 10% per ‘card ki gaddi’, while the seller has to pay around 1 dollar for the annual license along with 2.96 dollar. However, this tax only applies to those who buy 54 cards or less.

5. Tax on Tattoos

weird taxes

Tax on Tattoos – Tattooing has become a hobby of today’s youth. But it is very strange to hear that there is a tax on tattoos too. Yes, there is a country in the world where the tax has to be paid on tattoos. In one such American state of Arkansas, people have to pay 6% sales tax for tattoos.

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