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5 Tips to avoid ATM fraud & reason to be fraud.

Tips to avoid ATM fraud & reason to be fraud. Nowadays everyone has an ATM card. Withdrawing money has become very convenient, but withdrawing even more money has become easier for ATMs to cheat. Incidents like changing ATM cards, card cloning and hundreds of related frauds continue to be exposed.

Atm fraud

It is possible that such an incident can happen to you too. Whether you have done the transaction or not. You will have an ATM card and you will receive a message on your mobile that you have withdrawn money from your account.

5 Tips to avoid ATM fraud & reason to be fraud.

1. How ATM fraud happens?

Know some such truth that a common man needs to know. This common man works hard day and night to earn money and he comes to know that money has suddenly been withdrawn from his account even when he has not done the transaction. Whenever money is withdrawn from your account and you did not make that transaction, it may mean that your ATM card is with Fraudster.

Now you will think that you have your ATM card, and if you did not do this transaction, then how was it possible?

For your information, we would like to tell you that this transaction was done through card cloning. You must be thinking that the ATM card always stays with you, so how was this possible? Know, how is this card cloning done and how to avoid.

2. How is card cloning (skimming) done?

The first requirement for cloning ATM, credit card and debit card is a schemer. The skimmer is fitted in a swipe machine or ATM. You used the card in a swipe or ATM machine. All card information is copied into the schemer.

The fraudsters put all the information about your card into a blank card through computer or other methods and prepare the card clone and money is withdrawn. According to cyber expert, this is because people are falling prey to cybercrime due to not being aware

3. Some tips to avoid card cloning

• Go to the ATM, see the machine card slot. It’s loose, so don’t add cards to it.

• If you do not see the green light near the slot, consider it a mess.

ATM fraud

• While entering the password, cover the ATM keypad with your hand

4. What to do after forgery?

• You will have to file a complaint with your bank within three days. After completing the bank action, the money will be returned to the account within 90 days.

• Go to the police station and register a FIR.

• If you feel that there is something wrong with the account, call the bank and block the card

5. Some other information –

Withdrawing money from ATMs where security guards are not deployed can prove to be dangerous, because without such a guard ATM is cheated by the cheats. This thug makes people coming to the ATM, especially women and the elderly are their victims.

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