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5 Tips how to increase phone speed & how to remove slowness

How to increase phone speed & how to remove mobile slowness. There are many reasons for Android smartphones to be slow. Initially in few month the phone runs fine, but gradually it starts slowing down.

The user also realizes this. Those users who are worried about the slowing down of their Android smartphones can use the tips given below.

How to increase phone speed

5 Tips how to increase phone speed & how to remove mobile slowness.

1. Remove useless apps, wallpapers, widgets

If the user has installed a large number of apps on his phone, then this may slow down his smartphone. The user needs to ask himself whether the apps he has installed are using it. If not, remove from the phone. Some apps can’t be uninstalled, especially apps provided by the smartphone manufacturer. In such a situation it would be right to disable them.

Too many widgets on live wallpapers and residential screens can hamper your smartphone. If users are facing this problem, then they should think about using static wallpapers and also remove the less important widgets.

2. Install third-party app launcher

Most Android smartphone makers customize the operating system on their devices. These phones use company-designed skins and launchers. Apart from the features of the OS, new widgets, layouts and other features are provided within the company’s interface.

Although some users consider these customizations and features useful, but they also have the ability to slow down your smartphone. The best way to get rid of this is the third-party launcher. This will remove most of the custom features, as well as give you the option of personalization.

The best launchers available in Google Play Store include ‘Nova Launcher’, ‘GO Launcher EX’ and ‘Apex Launcher’.

3. Disable Animations

Animations primarily work between graphical transitions in menus, app drawers, and other interface locations. These systems use resources and are regularly active during smartphone use. These are of no use except to enhance the smartphone usage experience.

If users feel that their device is slowing down, then they will close up the animations. It will not have any significant effect on daily use.

Sadly, turning off animations isn’t a simple task. This option is often hidden in the ‘Developers options’ section. To access ‘Developers options’, users need to go to Settings> System> About Phone. Here they can see the ‘Build number’ of the phone.

After tapping on ‘Build Number’ seven times, users will see ‘Developer options’ in the system menu. Here all kinds of animations can be turned off. One thing that users must keep in mind is that they do not tamper with any other option in this section.

4. Disable non-essential background processes, check syncing apps

Some apps start working as soon as the phone starts. At the same time, some are constantly in sync with online services. Both types of apps can dramatically slow down the smartphone. To know which apps are running in the background, the user should go to the Apps section in Settings.

Then swipe to the Running tab. If there are apps that are running in the background and are not used, so such apps should be uninstalled if these apps can’t be removed, then they ought to be disabled.

After this, one more thing needs to be checked whether there are any apps that are syncing in the background, and users are able to use the benefits of syncing. If not, the user can turn off synchronization in the background. Doing so saves both data and system resources. How to increase phone speed.

To do this, go to Settings, then choose Data usage. (A separate section named ‘Usage’ can be found inside the ‘Wireless & networks’ menu, though this will depend on the Android version) and scroll down to check which app is using the data.

After this, users can turn off synchronization by going into the settings of each app, or in the ‘Data usage’ section, and select the ‘Auto-sync data’ option (although it is not in every Android version) which can be turned off.

To do this in any Google app or services, users need to go to Settings> Accounts> Google> UserProfile. You can turn off every Google app and services here.

Apart from this, Android smartphone users must install Advanced Task Killer. This app shuts down all apps that are using too much memory or slowing down the device for some other reason.

5. Clear app cache

Apps that are used frequently, their cache starts getting ready which can slow down any Android smartphone and users can increase the speed of their device by continuously deleting the cache of every app used.

Sadly, it is a regular process. So the cache will start being ready again, as soon as they’re launched. To delete the cache of each app, users need to go to Settings> Apps. have to be selected the required app and click on the Clear cache button.

You can download a third-party app to delete the cache of many apps at once or for routine cache clearing, and download the ‘App Cache Cleaner’ app from the Play Store, which can delete the cache of many apps at once.

Apart from this, users can also decide the schedule of regular cache cleaning. By the way, the option is available in Android to clear the cache of all apps. You for this

Go to Settings> Storage> Cached data.

We hope so, your mobile will function fine as compare to previous.

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