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homo sapiens

World where there are around 204 countries exist. Have we ever thought that why there are too many countries and people of different races exist? Where they came from? Why chines different form Indian? Why Indian, European, African, American, Mongolian are different from each other’s.
Why is this so? To know more we have to look back around 3lakhs years ago, when a Homo sapiens human races were seen. These Human races are the Human of today modern age we all belong to them,

it is considered that they were our predecessor and we are inherited from them but questions raise that if we are Homo sapiens, then why we all look different to each other in the world. What is the reasons behind that European to have fair skin, chines to have small eyes, An African to have dark skin?

1. Homo sapiens who is considered to be an ancient human races initially were seen in Africa around 3 lakhs years ago, where life is considered to be started from in reach hot and natural environment.

All Homo sapiens seemed to be look similar or same. They used to live together without racism in the ice age. But a such time came which is known as (Interglacial Interlude) if we talk about in simple word, heating started to increase and ice started to melt and on account of that the ice path in Africa begun to melt and break.

Homo sapiens started to migrate by leaving Africa and moved to other parts of word. Gradually some of them migrated to America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and other’s part of world.

2. Around 40 thousand years ago Homo sapiens moved to all over the world and on account of that 4 new major humans being races had been given birth till the time. The person who migrated to Europe are called Caucasian and those who lived in Africa are called negroes and like that who migrated to South east are called Mongolia’s races and some of them who migrated to Australia and Polynesia are Australia’s races.

These are the few history knowledge but now we will know, if we are from Homo sapiens then how we different from each other and where all diversity came from?

3. Who is Indian and which races they belong from?

Indian doesn’t seems to be look like European, African orhomo sapiensothers human being in the world. Actually Indian are mixture of three breeds like Caucasian, Australia’s and Mongolia’s.

The people who live in North India to have DNA of Caucasian jeans and very less others jeans.

The people who live in South India to have DNA of Australia’s jeans and very less others jeans similarly who live in North East India to have Mongolia’s jeans. That’s the reasons Indians races having different diversities. But in china it is not like that, mostly in china having Mongolia’s races

4. Question raise why all people looks different?

When people migrated from Africa to Siberia ice desert, they had to adopt the environment to adjust themselves. According to theory of evolution their natural selection started. For instance chines have small eyes because small eyes kept chines safe from ice storm and apart from them small eyes kept safe from ultraviolet sun rays in Siberia because ice reflect light.

5. Other hands Indian are similar to European but European having more fairness compare to Indian, How?

The reason behind that when Homo sapiens, migrated from Africa to Europe at that time a bone disease started to spread is called rickets that happen due to lack of sun rays. Due to this disease many child became deform and disabled or die because they were unable to get vitamin D nutrition which is important to develop the bone. Alike African was getting vitamin D in sufficient amount.

But how Europeans would get the vitamin D, so naturally genetic changes started in some human being, a chemical (melanin) started to decrease from human skin which is liable to change human skin colour and after few decades European colour changed and they become fair compare to others. Other hand in African melanin started to grow that is useful to avoid ultraviolet rays from sun and that’s the reason to be dark as they can bear sun rays in Africa.

Only the human being who can survive in any circumstances whether it past or future, so don’t degrade yourself whether we are dark or fair we should proud ourselves.

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