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5 latest technology which you have never seen

Latest technology. There are many vehicle all over the world but Today we present to you 5 most latest technology created by both professionals and self-taught investors a number of these vehicles exist already and a few will appear within the near future.

5 latest technology

1. The manta 5 hydrofoil bike

latest technology

The manta 5 hydrofoil bike which was released by bicycle designer Robert Alonso may be a water analog electric bike its aqua bike has underwater wings and electric assistant torsion pedals.

Manta 5 has an aluminium frame underneath which are 2 submarine wings they lift the bicycle over the water when it’s moving the bicycle is powered by an individual and an auxiliary motor with a capacity of 400 watts. 

It’s special modules that are liable for the balance of the bike and holding the bicycle on the water during a stop. The bike features a mass of 20 kilograms but is capable of withstanding a rider weighing up to 100 kilograms when used at maximum power the battery lasts for one hour while the bike can accelerate to twenty km/h.

2. ARCA board

latest technology

The company ARCA Space presented its original look as an idea of a hover board since the corporate may be a Representative of the American space industry, their specialization reflected on the planning of the flying machine which was called ARCA board.

It is ready to hover above the bottom by 36 small fans controlled by high speed motor. The manufacturer states that the facility of this device is 272 horsepower.

ARCA board is more powerful than most cars the size of the device are about 1 meter long in half a meter wide generally , this thing is extremely cumbersome and was very poorly thought-out. You’ll only stand thereon while trying your best to not subside.

3. Motorized surfboard

latest technology

Known designer and kite boarder Don Montagu alongside his team chi concepts decided to attach a motorized surfboard and hydrofoil, the result was a tool that the creators called jet foiler.

A noiseless motor accelerates the board then the submarine wings enter which allows the rider to literally fly over the surface of the water surfing during this way is extremely simple and everybody can handle it.

You control the speed of your board with a foreign control. The creator explains that as soon because the board is gaining sufficient speed the rider leans back and therefore the board rises from the water.

4. Stair climbing wheelchair

latest technology

A young team from Switzerland has developed an electrical stair climbing wheelchair which is capable of climbing the steps and additionally to the 2 wheels has two mechanisms with rubber caterpillar tracks in normal situations.

The rider uses only the wheels and therefore the tracks are under the opening but when it’s necessary they combat the user’s movement and are ready to lift the chair along the steps and it’s easy to move around on the ice or gravel additionally the chair itself rises higher.

The compact size allows you to regulate the seat to undergo any door and simply give way within the room. The user can control the chair either by employing a joystick or by transferring weight.

This is a really cool real device with a functional use and of great importance for a private affected by a specific ailment it’s simply irreplaceable.

5. Solowheel iota

latest technology

Solowheel iota a hybrid of the standard gyroscope with a mono wheels. The project was launched on Kick-starter the worth of the device starts at four hundred and 45 dollars.

The first buyers received their orders in late 2017. The device can reach speeds of up to 16 kilometres per hour and on a full battery it can go almost 13 kilometres.

It is so little in size and super lightweight that this device are often extremely useful within the city the device has an inflatable wheels with a diameter of just eight inches with a weight of only 3.5 kilograms.

It allows you to simply take it with you on a subway thereby leaving you with an honest means of transportation to the metro and back generally. This device seems to be made especially for lazy people or for those always during a hurry.

These all upcoming latest technology would leave a mark to the users.

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