5 Best Home remedies which doctors also recommends

Best Home remedies. Today we have abundant information available for any health related situation, it has become very difficult to decide whether to consult a doctor or to make a mistake in testing your own health. Despite the debate about home remedies versus modern medicine, many clinicians believe that century’s old home remedies are effective and can be used safely in many cases. In this, we are giving you 5 information about some home remedies, which doctors also support.

5 Best Home remedies

1. Drumstick to relieve joint pain

home remedies for joint pain

Followed by doctors, natural products are being used in the development of modern medicines. It is most effective if they are used in their natural form in food. He says that mixing drumstick in different types of vegetables, marmalade, sambar, pulses and even casserole can relieve a person of any age group from joint pain and any bone related weakness. | It can be used regularly as a juice or with milk.

Source: – Drumstick contains calcium, iron, and other vitamins that help strengthen bones. Drumstick contains 30 and 100 times more iron and calcium respectively than the recommended spinach of the study.

2. Ghee for chapped lips

home remedies for chapped lips

It is seen that during the winter there is a process of lips breaking. It is common in winter irrespective of the people of any class. The doctors recommend pure ghee as a natural moisturizer. Apply it on the lips in the morning and night before sleeping, it will work like any other ointment.

Source: – Ghee contains essential fatty acids that activate hydration in the cells of the skin, which makes the skin moist. It is a kind of bonding agent that can pair with other nutrients to get to the deepest layers of the skin, in its purest form, it is also safe for sensitive skin.

3. Clove for cold – cough

home remedies for cough

General Doctors and surgeons say that your kitchen spice cabinet has natural ingredients for every kind of seasonal health condition, from the common cold to dehydration of summer. Clove bud acts as a hit radiator for your body. While roasting cloves of a clove in a vessel and smelling its vapors or grinding it and putting it in tea, cough – it shows a miraculous effect in winter. No wonder cloves are used in traditional winter sweets like laddus and pudding.

Source: – Clove has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and heat giving properties. Its heat giving effect helps to melt the phlegm and clear the veins, which gives relief.

4. Cumin seeds for weight loss

home remedies for weight loss

According to doctors, improvement in metabolism is important for weight loss. This helps in digesting food and breaking down fat. Start the day with a spoon of cumin or its powder with a spoon of water, after which drink half a glass of warm water. It activates metabolism.

Source: – Cumin increases the activity of digestive enzymes and accelerates digestion. It also removes bile juice in the liver, which helps to digest fat and some types of nutrients in the intestine. It has such qualities which make the body bad, L. D.L. Help get rid of cholesterol.

5. Sesame for skin

home remedies for skin

Using sesame is beneficial for the skin. Sesame oil contains ingredients that show a magical effect on the face. There is a solution to every skin related problem. Apart from this stain-nail, it helps to remove pimples and make the face glow, not only that, sesame oil also helps in removing wrinkles and also removes aging effects.

Source: – Sesame oil contains vitamins B, D, and E, which are very beneficial for skin. It removes the moisture in the skin and acts as a natural moisturizer. The Sesame has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbium properties that reduce inflammation and itching apart from the complete dirt on the face.

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