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5 Health care of child tips, if your children under age of 6

There is a time when children grow up need to Health care of child, we don’t even know in busy life. Children are growing in this age of age. Tips to protect child, In this regards, balanced diet becomes necessary for them. Also, other than this, some vaccines are also used during this period.

During this time, parents should keep in mind that children should be healthy not only physically but also mentally. If the child is not interested in outdoor then it is the task of parents to get used to it.

Health care of child

There should be 1 hour of physical activity every day in the form of outdoor games. So that along with physical development of children, mental development can also happen. In this regard, 5 such Health care of child tips are being told which are very important for the development of children.

5 Health care of child tips

1. Mental Health

Parents should not give too much pressure to children at this age. At this age, due to the fluctuations of hormones, children become more involved in mental complications. It is become responsibility of parents and elders to get them out of these complications.

If you think yourself unsuitable in this, then you can take help of a psychologist. And by this way your child’s mantle health does not deteriorate and keep healthy.

2. Dental Care

Children often have a normal process of tooth breakdown. When new teeth come after breaking teeth of milk in children. So many times their setting is not correct, then it is a problem of cavity. Parents need to be alert for both these problems. And if necessary, you must show the dentist. Teeth make the smile of children beautiful.

3. Eye check-up

Children are busier on TV and mobile these days. Because of which the problem of eyes is very much exposed in children. The problem is that most children do not even know that they have this problem too. They think that what they see is normal.

Until reality is revealed. Till the time of putting glasses on the eyes situation comes. That’s why children of five to six years must test their eyes once till this age. Most of the times there is eye testing of children happens in schools too. But it is not very effective. It is better to make children as much apart from mobile and TV. | And get the eye testing done.

4. Education

If your child is not yet able to go to school, then teach him a little at home. And teach them to speak basic things, if necessary, show the physical things and call them names. So that when the child is able to go to school, then the habit of reading remains. And study with the enjoyment.

5. Vaccination

Nowadays many types of diseases have knocked. That is why we should start getting children vaccinated after birth. In such a situation, many parents feel that school going children do not need vaccination. This is not true.

Children above the age of five and six years should also get the vaccine as advised by the doctor so that they are always kept healthy. And do not get hit by any disease.

5 to 6 years age is like laying the foundation of the house for children. If planning is being done correctly by the parents, then it becomes very easy for the children to face the challenge in life ahead and these are the best “Health care of child”

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