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5 future technology which seems to be exist in magical world

What is future technology? Today every things are changing and consistent with time life and technology also getting change, future technology is the maximum amount of advance as our thought cannot be approached up thereto level.

There is such future technology which seems to be exists in magical world but it’s true in today’s real world, a number of them are exists and a few of them might be appeared in near future.

5 such future technology which seems to be exist in magical world

1. Walk Car

future technology

A young Japanese engineer Kuniko SaiIto recently developed a transportable walk car. this is often a private transport that’s placed during a backpack or bag, simply put it’s a board with four wheels on which you’ll go at a speed of up to 12 kilometers per hour.

Although, walk car is light and little nevertheless it can withstand a rider weighing up to 120 kilograms and on one charge in travel up to 17 kilometers.

It is the dimensions of a laptop but looks more sort of a skateboard, walk car is formed of aluminium and its weights 2 to three kilograms counting on the version for home or street use.

There are different models this thing are often very useful providing you with transportation with none effort.

2. Edward- Electric Diwheel

future technology

Edward- Electric Diwheel may be a very original and weird vehicle electric vehicles appear today almost everywhere but they’re more or less an equivalent University.

Students in Australia decided to face out from the overall masses their invention consists of two large wheels which are driven by an electrical motor located under the seat at the primary test of the car.

It was acknowledged that within the course of movement the seat is actively turning round the transverse axis an excessive amount of if an individual wants to only fiddle a few of times.

The seat oscillations are often considered a stimulating feature of the planning but with constant movement.

The driver of this car is just given chronic seasickness therefore the author’s supplemented the development with a stabilization system, but at an equivalent time attempt to use the rotating seat as an extreme means of driving. It’s also possible to completely close up the stabilization system.

3. Quadro4

future technology

Quadro4 may be a four-wheeled tourist scooter the manufacturer claims that it’s a novelty because of the four wheels, therefore the unique technology of the leaning suspension HDS which has stability and safety altogether conditions.

The tilt system allows this novelty to bend and turns at an angle of up to 40 degrees within the city. The driver doesn’t got to be scared of the standard problems that motorcyclists face sand and stones slippery manhole covers or wet roads an equivalent are often said about light off-road.

The Quadro4 rear-wheel drive and single cylinder engine with a capacity of 346 cubic centimetres and a capacity of 32 horsepower to drive a four wheeled scooter, and is within the case of three-wheeled models a driver’s licence is required.

4. Hyundai Ioniq Scooter

future technology

Hyundai presented an incredibly compact Ioniq scooter which relates to models of portable scooters. It’s not designed for long trips and therefore the idea is that an individual will use this model to urge from the parking zone to the destination.

The scooter features a convenient folding design allowing it to rework in only a couple of movements, the indications of speed and distance on one charge are unfortunately not disclosed.

It’s known that you simply can choose the driving mode with the assistance of a regulator on the wheel, there’s an information display on which the charge level and speed are displayed.

5. Volkswagen Air Car

future technology

The car maker Volkswagen is developing a two-seater compact air car called hover car with an ingenious design, the movement of the flying car are going to be administered on special magnetic roads.

The lifting into the air occurs due to the utilization of repulsive forces of the magnetic flux the levitating vehicle are going to be controlled by means of a joystick, hover car is going to be equipped with an automatic accident prevention system

It has also the concept of wireless charging of an air car while driving is being developed, the project by Volkswagen was presented in Beijing China as a virtual model alongside Volkswagen Chinese partners will participate during this implementation.

Most of future technology is going to exist in near future.

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