5 Bollywood banned movies in India

5 Bollywood banned movies in India. Indian censor board is known for being strict when it comes to certifying films, here are 5 Bollywood films that have been banned in India. Which can be seen on different platforms.

5 Bollywood banned movies in India

1. Un- freedom

Bollywood banned movies
Un- freedom

This movie Un- freedom and freedom explores the taboo subjects of same-sex relations and fundamentalism within religion. The censor board refused to give the film a certification because they believed the film would cause tension between Hindus and Muslims and told the director to make cuts in the film.

The director Raj Amit Kumar refused the censor board’s demand for cuts and appealed to the Indian government, in response to Kumar’s appeal Un- freedom was completely banned a regardless of cuts.

2. Chatrak

Bollywood banned movies

It is an explicit sex scene showing nudity from the film was leaked to the internet, which caused an uproar especially in Kolkata where the film was mainly shot. The film was not allowed to release due to its sexual content and nature.

Even though the director tried to appease the censor board by cutting the scenes out. He also said that those who are voicing their opinions are making it seem as if Kolkata is still living in the 1940s, while the rest of the world has raised the head.

3. Fire

Bollywood banned movies

The Shabana Azmi star. Fire was one of the first mainstream films in India to explicitly show homosexual relations. Although the film was released in theaters with an adult rating, violent protests were staged by members of Shiv Sena and the BJP which included burning posters shouting right-wing rhetoric and causing destruction to movie theaters.

Eventually, this prompted the government to pull the movie from theaters. The director Titian the film to run citing it as freedom of expression the petition was supported by Dilip Kumar and Mahesh Bhatt.

4. Water

Bollywood banned movies

John Abraham’s film Water” was faced with much scrutiny during filming being the last instalment of Methos elements trilogy after fire and earth. Water was following heavy drama with drama of its own water focused on the dark issues faced in the lives of Hindu widows at a shelter in Varanasi India.

The film deals with controversial topics such as misogyny and ostracism with big names such as John Abraham, Seema Biswas, LisaRaye, AR Rahman and under daca shape attached the film many eyes were focused.

However the right wing Indians objected to the film and 2000 protesters burned and destroyed the set of the film the government then did not allow the film to be shot in India. Water was filmed in Chile Anka later on.

5. The pink mirror

Bollywood banned movies
The pink mirror

It is a film that revolves around the lives of two transsexuals and a gay man it is said to be the first film that gives a voice to transsexuals in India. People who are massively misunderstood and ridiculed.

Even though the film has been critically acclaimed in other countries the Indian censor board banned the film citing it as vulgar and offensive, despite the director appealing the banned twice the film remains banned to this day.

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