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5 Best programming language to learn

There are many Best programming language to learn, but each language having its features. Many companies today’s using those languages according to their needs, so we have put together a list of top 5 programming languages that you have to learn to succeed.

Programming languages are shaping our market since the start of IT era now this is often the rationale why there are dozens of programming languages lately within the industry.

5 Best programming language to learn

1. C # sharp

C sharp is a simple object-oriented programming language with a comprehensive set of libraries, now this makes the execution and compilation of programs lightning-fast, now C sharp major used with the dot net framework is used to design web forms and Windows applications with over 19,000 repositories on git hub.

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It is one among the very fashionable languages when it involves game development especially in Xbox computer game games and unity 3d games two of the main frameworks that are used with C sharp are dot net and xamarin and companies.

Such as Intellect soft, Phillips and Capgemini are hiring highly-skilled c-sharp developers with an average salary of 78,000 dollars per annum.

2. Kotlin

Kotlin was one among the foremost trending programming languages of the year 2019 and it’s expected to experience even more growth within the year 2020. Now Portland is a Google endorsed cross-platform general-purpose programming language which has recently made it to the favourites of most developers.

When it involves Android app development, now Kotlin comes with features like interoperability with Java also as Android studio support which helps you write less code with the fewer bugs.

Few frameworks you used with Kotlin are couture vertex and string now one Kotlin is fairly new on the market. It can boast a community of over 73,000 on GitHub and while a lot of companies are hiring Kotlin developers, a few prominent ones are Airtel, Lenskart, Pinterest and Basecamp.

Now a mean salary for Kotlin developer is over 100 and twenty thousand dollars per annum.

3. R programming language

R is most popular for its statistical analysis and data science it is not just an open-source programming language but it comes with cross-platform compatibility and over 6 million repositories on GitHub with features like these. It is usually featured in the financial domain.

When it comes to building statistical models as well as analysing fraudulent transactions, a few highlights and the part of R are the ability to create web applications as well as giving an enriching library of over 10,000 plus packages for diverse needs.

One of the most famous ID is used for R is R studio and if you’re skilled in R programming you can get hired from companies such as Facebook Twitter and Google for an average salary of over one hundred and twenty-one thousand dollars per annum.

4. GoLang

GoLang now developed by the tech giant Google itself GoLang boasts features such as concurrency which is very difficult to come by other programming languages. Google’s were sodality as a company definitely reflects in this language as it rules domains such as machine learning right up to web development, but its highlight has to be system development which is feasible only thanks to GoLang scope for top scalability.

Despite being relatively new goal and does have a few solid frameworks under its belt namely Ravel and BEEGO now it has a budding community of over a hundred and ten thousand repositories on GitHub and companies such as Cisco, Capgemini, Springboard and TEKsystems are hiring developers for over a hundred and seventy thousand dollars per annum.

5. C and C++

C and C++ these are often the programming languages which act as stepping stones for budding programmers in both of those languages still retain their functionality and recognition , despite the availability of a few are the quality alternatives in the modern market.

Now they rule about 20% of the entire coding world thanks to the legacy system as well as a few inherent features, both of these languages boast a big following on GitHub with C at 9 million repositories and C++ at 114 thousand, a few examples of successes on both of these languages are eBay and Spotify for C and Adobe and Oracle for C++.

Major companies that are hiring developers skilled in these languages are HP, Huawei, Wipro, IBM and Phonepe hiring developers at an average salary of 114 thousand dollars per annum.

Hope so you would like these best programming language to learn, and you will make career according to your interests.

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