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5 Best coding language to learn for career

Best coding language to learn. Programming languages are shaping our market since the start of IT era now this is often the rationale why there are dozens of programming languages lately within the industry, so we have put together a list of top 5 programming languages that you have to learn to succeed in the year 2020.

5 Best coding language to learn

1. Python

Python is an open source object-oriented interpreted language mostly would develop graphical user interfaces. These GUIS are used for imaging software’s like Inkscape and Paint shop pro not just that multiple popular frameworks such as Django, Flask, Pyramid and apps such as the Google App Engine are also based off of Python.

Best coding language to learn

Python is an easy-to-use general-purpose programming language which is easily integrated with C as well as C++ it also provides cross browser support, now with over 1 million repositories on GitHub and an average package of 120 thousand US dollar.

No wonder python is one of the most desired programming skills for the year 2020 with a Python skill set you can land companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Paytm.

2. JavaScript

It is universally known as the language of the web developer’s. JavaScript is a feature-rich object-oriented scripting language. What started as an easy client-side scripting language, now boasts major frameworks for both front-end and back-end development,

A few of the popular frameworks based on JavaScript are React JS, Angular JS, Vue.js and Meteor not just that if you have it on your resume.

It opens up doors of opportunities for you from tech start-ups to tech giants like Google, Facebook, Dell and SAP each offering a median of 112 thousand US dollars not just that javascript posts a huge community following of 600,000 plus repositories on GitHub is web.

3. PHP

PHP now it is one of those very prominent languages that has been around for quite a while now it is mostly used for developing dynamic and data heavy apps and websites now 80% of all the highest 10 million social media websites are built off of PHP.

A few very good examples are Facebook and Wikipedia now this language is simple fast and platform-independent with a wide repository of five hundred and twenty four thousand on git hub and a very large community to back it up now.

PHP has frameworks, such as Cake PHP, Laravel, Symphony and Falcon and very big industry players like Oracle, HCL and Motorola are readily hiring PHP developers for an average of a hundred and two thousand dollars per year.

4. Java

Java is the most popular programming language, when it comes to number of job openings widespread community acceptance and developers community, now Java is an open source language and relatively easy to find out it prides itself on variety of powerful features like strong memory management backwards compatibility top-notch security and high performance.

It is a cross-platform programming language which serves as the base for a number of frameworks such as spring, strut and hibernate, a number of programmers start as Java developer in the IT industry.

Why not as a Java developer you bagged 115 thousand dollars per annum from top-notch companies such as HCL, Wipro, Tech Mahindra and Capgemini not just that Java has a huge active community on GitHub with over 1.2 billion repositories.

5. Swift

Swift is an object-oriented block structured programming language but boasts features, such as better readability speed and dynamic libraries now it is due to these features that it ensures lesser errors reduces application size also as betters performance.

Now this programming language was made specifically for application development as a matter of fact Apple organization switched from Objective C to Swift which also justifies its influence on Mac OS watch OS and other Apple apps.

Now Swift has two major frameworks namely cocoa and cloud kit it also has more than 156,000 repositories on git hub companies such as Amazon, Walmart and Apple are readily hiring employees who are good at Swift programming an average salary of 125,000 dollars per annum.

These are some Best coding language to learn which are demanded by the top MNC company all over the world.

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