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5 Admission tips for students who turned 18 and going to take admission

Admission tips for students. If you are 18 then it is very important to plan for the next 10 years, this is such a time. When we move forward by giving life a direction. Especially when we have passed the school and in such a situation we need a good college and university, in which we can give a good direction to our future by taking admissions.

By the way, there are many universities and colleges in the country and abroad. But it is not difficult to get admission in a good college and university. So know such 5 tips for students who has turned 18, what should they care about education and health?

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5 Success tips for students who turned 18

1. Attention before taking admission

If you are thinking of taking admission, then what to see in the university

Which has an infrastructure with research and modern information-resources.

Undergraduate and at least 5 post-graduate department should exist with research program.

Which has qualified faculty for studies and research according to the UGC’s mind.

The university should not have any distance education program.

Have been in existence as a deemed university for at least 5 years. Be careful while choosing course, institute and university.


If you want to continue further studies and want to know about a course, then in the case of studies after 12th, UGC (university grant commission) is the institution and its website is the place where you can get complete information. If any organization is doing a degree course and it is real, then its information will be found on this website by name. And you can easily know where to take admission in the future.


It is a national level council for the recognition of technical education. Which works under the Ministry of Human Resources. Any institution that offers a degree or diploma in technical fields like engineering, management etc. It is necessary to get recognition from AICTE. It recognizes PG (Post graduate) and graduation level programs according to its parameters. If an institution is pursuing a degree or diploma. If you go to this website and type his name in the search, if you get information about him and that course, then it is real.

4. Others website

If you are going to do a special course or are going to do a specialized course, and whether it is recognized or not, then check on the website below.

Teachers Education:


Dental Course:


Unani :


5. Health & Deit

There is no lack of energy at the age of 18 to 25. Generally, we are fully fit physically. Can run long. You can do a lot of gym work. Due to wrong eating and lifestyle, body weight increases and we become obese. If you want to avoid trouble at the age of 35 to 40, be a little cautious even at this age. Physical activity is very important. Whether playing or jogging or gyming. And let the body sweat as much as possible.

It is also important to take care of food. Usually, at this age, we consume the calories we consume, but cannot burn those calories completely. If calorie is not completely burnt then obesity will come and our body as well as brain will be affected. Therefore, as a student, we should wake up early in the morning and take healthy diet which will intensify the mind along with the body and give a better direction to our student life.

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