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10 Upcoming new travelling trends 2020 liked by people

New travelling trends 2020. We are living in advance era where people thinking kept changing every movement. New thought erupted new ideas and trends. Here are 10 upcoming trends liked by many others all over the world.

10 Upcoming new travelling trends 2020

1. Adventure

To overcome the boredom of your life, people like every kind of adventure, big and small. According to experts, this year for adventure, you can like places like Gulmarg, Andaman, Rajasthan Jeep Safari and Lakshadeep. At these places, you will like adventure like skiing, scuba diving and wing surfing.

travelling trends 2020

2. Educational tour

Nowadays the biggest problem of parents is that children are studying and writing, but their knowledge is not increasing. So take them on an education tour. Education tour is new in tourism industry. Tourist places like Bannerghatta Biological Park, Hampi, Kaziranga National Park Assam and Nalanda in Bihar have become better for educational tours this year.

3. Visit the kitty party group

Every woman likes to have a kitty party. Every woman wants to spend some time for herself after getting out of everyday work. But do not find the time. Yet this kitty party group of women has started going on a walk. Its trend is at its peak in 2020 and will increase further in the coming time. According to experts, women have started going in small groups.

4. Pre-wedding shoot

If you are going to get married, and you are planning a pre-wedding shoot. So you can go on a tour of Pre-wedding shoot at an out of date destination with your partner. In the coming years, many new places have been included in the list of Pre-wedding. Places like Pangong and Coorg are best for pre wedding shoots.

5. Solo trip new trend

In today’s busy life, we are so involved in work that we forget ourselves. According to experts, because of this Solo Trip is becoming the choice of youth nowadays. The same women have more craze for solo trips, so many travel agencies give separate solo trip packages to women. Places such as Poducherry, Goa, and Coorg can be a paradise this year for solo trips.

travelling trends 2020

6. Food walk

You will get different varieties of food in every state of India. According to experts, the trend of tour planning will also be seen from now on. Especially the tourists would like to go to a place where the culture is porcupine, but the food there will be equally royal in taste. For this, tourists can plan to visit many such places in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and South India.

7. Tiny Tour Not Extended

There is so much work load in the office, that we get 2 -3 days off, so we think, what will be the tour in such a day? But it is wrong to think so. Because now the era is of Tiny Tour. According to experts, the trend of going on a tour after taking a long vacation once in a year has been made among Indians. And now they like to go on many small tours during the year. From the point of view of Delhi, there are places like Nainital, Dharamshala, Dehradun, Haridwar, Mussoorie, Udaipur, Shimla and Manali for those who go on a Tiny Tour.

8. Technology free walk

Smartphones, internet, computers etc. have become a part of our life. In everyday life, our life revolves around the phone, and the Internet. For this reason, the demand for technology free tour started for peace. This is a very special trend in itself; in this tour, the tourists neither carry a mobile nor a laptop.

9. Retirement tour

According to the experts, in the coming years, the craze of the Retirement Tour will also be seen. You have been earning your whole life for your family. Now is the time for the retirement tour. You will also retire this year. So give your life a chance to enjoy these moments of leisure

10. Know your country

In the last few years, the number of tourists in our country has increased considerably. People who want to explore a particular state about the tour. There is a difference in their choice too. According to statistics, Tamil Nadu has been the most preferred and first choice among domestic tourists from a tour point of view. Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka are on the second and third positions.

Trends keeps changing according to time and these 10 travelling trends 2020 is liked by many people.

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