10 Tips how to protect from coronavirus and covid 19

Coronavirus prevention, it has become such a word. Which everyone wants to know about, if we talk about Coronavirus, then it has become such an epidemic. It born in Chine and People are getting scared even talking about it. Because every country in the world is facing this epidemic today.

Whether it is a developed country or an underdeveloped country. Due to no cure for this coronavirus epidemic, it is becoming more deadly and countless people have died. Because of which the whole countries of the world are facing very big problems.

There is a state of fear about the coronavirus from outside the house. Advisory has been issued by every hospital, government of the country, expert. Health organizations are asking people to take precautions. Experts are claiming to provide its medicines soon.

corona virus

In such a situation, the only way to prevent this incurable disease is to deal with this virus. We must pay attention to some things, we do not have to stay in the workplace and function or group. If it is very important or necessary, then,

10 important things to keep in mind before going to the workplace or group.

1. During the ceremony and group

If you are ill. So avoid going to any crowded place. Take this and spread a message on the group. Go only if necessary. If joining the group, use a mask and must use tissue in case of cough and cold and try to make a distance of 6 feet or more and avoid touching things and humans,

A healthy person should avoid going to any function or group as far as possible. Go only if necessary, and maintain at least 6 feet distance from people and objects and wear masks.

2. Location selection

If you are preparing for an event, then while choosing a venue, keep in mind that there is enough open space. People could enjoy the program by staying in small groups.

So that it remains a sufficient distance between people. If you work carefully, then the program can be postponed for some time, then, wait for the good time, when the coronavirus crisis seems to be over, then think of completing your program

3. Adequate hygiene arrangements

if you are going to any function or if you are doing some function. So adequate sanitation arrangements should be made at the venue. Water and soap should also be available for hand washing.

Also, everyone attending should have a sanitizer and in the ceremony, proper amount of sanitizer should be available so that the person present there can use it from time to time.

4. Discuss with colleagues

if you are at work place or with friends or relatives. Discussed with your friends and relatives about measures and arrangements from Coronavirus. With this you will be updated yourself and will be able to give information to friends as well. While sharing the information, rely only on reliable sources.

5. Use soap

If you go outside or to the toilet as often as possible. So clean the hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Make sure to wash your hands before and after eating anything to prevent the infection from spreading to you and anyone else.


6. Attention on items

If you go to the market or work place every day, then use the items after cleaning. Avoid touching if not necessary. Avoid sticking to unnecessary items in the market and clean things at work, for example keyboard, mouse, chair etc.

7. Work in shift

Ensured attendance of work stock in the workplace at once Should go for this, work can be done by distributing it in shifts. If possible, the facility of working from home can also be provided through phone or laptop. So that there is enough space at the workplace.

8. Send a message to your colleague

If you are at work place or in a crowded place, then motivate your colleague to stay home during illness. Along with this, posters should be pasted to show the methods of cleanliness.

Always keep a tissue with you that you and your colleagues can use on time. If a colleague is not using it in case of cough or cold, make it available.

9. Use of Sanitizer

If it is at home or in office, then use the sanitizer before entering the house or office. Then open the door to the house or office. Do not touch anything without using a sanitizer. Use the sanitizer immediately after touching things.

10. Do not leave the house and maintain social distancing

As you know. The coronavirus is spreading very fast. The main reason for this is because of contact with infected people and objects. We should not leave unnecessary outside the house and keep as far away from things and people as possible.

Health organizations and the governments of the country have been giving advisory time to time. It is necessary that we pay attention to those advisories and imagine a better life.

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