10 Things you didn’t know about Alexandra Daddario

10 things you didn’t know about Alexandra Daddario, at this point chances are you’ve heard of Alexandra Daddario, but a while back she had smaller rolls and rolls and children’s films like the Percy Jackson franchise. Then she made a splash with an acclaimed roll on the show True Detective.

Alexandra Daddario

She stepped onto the big screen in a film, aimed at adult rather than use audiences in the action flicks San Andreas and then maybe huge / when she start alongside Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in the new Baywatch movie and her career is just getting started. So in this we’ve decided to share with you 10 things. You probably didn’t know about Alexandra Daddario. Let’s get started.

10 Things about Alexandra Daddario

1. Grew up Upper East Side

She grew up on the Upper East Side given how many different roles they take on and how they mold themselves into whatever character there playing at the moment. They can be tough to guess exactly where certain actors and actresses were raised and Alexandra Daddario case. Her upbringing was a little more Gossip Girl than you might have imagined.

She grew up on the Upper East Side given her strong New York Ruth. We’re kind of surprised. You didn’t try to make it on Broadway or in Live Theater before heading to The Glitz & Glam of Los Angeles, but hey, it’s not as if her career struggling right now given the amount of Blockbuster. She’s been appearing in she clearly made the right choice.

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2. Went to an all-girls high school

She went to an all-girls high school as someone who grew up on Manhattan’s East Side public school was not going to be a normal thing for Daddario instead her high school years were spent at the “Brearley” school. One of Manhattan’s most notable.

All girls’ schools is notable for how so many of its graduates go on to attend the Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale that put an emphasis on Excellence. But as Daddario told GQ Magazine her biggest concern with the complete lack of any boys and how it affected her.

I went to an all-girls school for part of high school in the idea of boys with amazing to me like all I ever wanted to do was kiss boys and be around boys. So if Daddario seems a bit off around guys, it’s because her formative years were educated only with women which gave her quite the different High School experience.

3. Starred in a music video

She starred in a music video If Alexandra Daddario, his face seems familiar before you ever saw her in any of her film and television roll. There’s a reason for that before she got her big break in Hollywood. She snagged a couple music video rolled.

She’s most known for being the star and Imagine Dragons Radioactive video looking for Less Slammers than she usually does Daddario is a mysterious Drifter trying to save the band from a puppet fighting ring. It’s not as famous as so many of her other roles, but it’s still one of the Dario’s notable roles, which helped her rise to fame.

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4. Amazing piano player

She’s an amazing piano player. There are certain skills that actors have to learn when they score certain roles. For example, if you’re playing a boxer on camera, you have to learn at least a respectable amount of boxing techniques.

If you’re playing a rockstar, you’d better learn how to convincingly fake a guitar solo and Alexandra Daddario case, she could easily play a penis if the right roll a rose because she started piano lessons at just nine years old while she hasn’t had much use for the skill since apart from one scene on Parenthood.

She has mentioned that having to memorize music for recitals actually helped train her for all the memorization required of an actress not to mention that if she’s ever up for a roller piano skills are valued it still have a bit of an edge on the other actresses competing for the roll.

5. Prefers to do her own stunts

She prefers to do her own stunts. The Dario star-making performance was in Percy Jackson in The Lightning Thief. She was Annabeth Chase daughter of the goddess, Athena. She saw us was pushed as a warrior.

Start showing her athletic abilities and those that movie and the sequel Sea of Monsters to Dario got into some good scenes to show her fighting skills and would insist on doing her own stunts as much as possible true that was found on as the producers didn’t like her risking herself, but she handled it.

Well none the less while she didn’t have as many crazy stunts in Baywatch. She’s still that she did a lot of the sensor self and starring in San Andreas

6. Admires Charlize Theron

She really admires Charlize Theron Daddario has been working on the red carpet for quite a while loving showing off and rocking quite a few dresses. When asked by people who she modeled herself after her answer was simple Charlize Theron. She spilled all the details saying that Charlize Theron is perfect.

She holds herself as so much Poise and Grace. I don’t know if she looks so good because she has the best body or because she has the confidence to feel comfortable and what she’s wearing probably a little bit of both, but regardless we can totally see why the actress would admire the South African Superstar only do.

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7. Loves dressing casual

She loves dressing casual when she doesn’t need to be in front of the camera. She takes a far more casual approach to style preferring things like jeans and loose teas to form-fitting dresses are fussy outfit as she’s confessed when I have no appointments. I spend the day in pajamas and go to the dog park in pajamas. I’m very casual.

8. Couldn’t get guys Alexandra Daddario

She couldn’t get guys when she was a teenager the camera appsolutely loves her which makes her an easy choice for magazines looking for a Starlet to feature in a photoshoot. However, if you think that her looks mean she’s always had guys falling over themselves trying to get to her and ask her out you’d be wrong as she told People magazine as a teenager.

I could never really get guys and I was pretty nerdy now. I feel like I’m getting my Revenge by being a Baywatch babe. I’m like, you could have had this and now look at me. We’re not sure how true that is. There were probably tons of guys who admired her from a fire and just didn’t have the guts to approach her when she was a teenager.

9. Season 2 yoga date

Season 2 yoga date Daddario keeps it real by admitting something. Everyone knows to be true dating especially at the beginning can be really awkward. It’s a great once you get to know the person, but those first stages can be tough rather than trying to disguise that back. She fully embraces it, when it comes to her dating solutions by hopping right into the deep end with a yoga date.

Will you probably wouldn’t think twice about going to yoga with your BFF and getting all sweaty? It might seem strange to do with a potential partner. However, as Daddario says they might get grossed out by me, because i sweat so much but that’s how you know.

If there are keeper given how tough dating is in Hollywood in particular at this seems like a pretty solid plan weeding out the losers and getting a good workout all at the same time.

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10. First big role

She got her first big role at just 16 and she found it boring like many young actresses. Daddario had a few early credits and commercials like Barbie toys. She finally latched onto a good part with the classic soap opera. All My Children she played Laurie Lewis a team victimized in high school, but doing her best to handle it.

Daddario was only 16, but brought a good charm to the role. The Dario has said that she obviously still learn from playing the part like how to deal with darker things. She also said she loved her first shot at events like the Daytime Emmy Awards and fusion fashion launch.

However, Daddario admits that Pie plays a good girl and it was pretty boring, but was afraid of approaching the writer’s for more as it happened. She was let go and while she enjoyed the experience, she was happy to get a shot at more daring parts.

We love Alexandra Daddario, especially her positive personality. Let us know what you like about her in the comments.

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