10 such Indian women cricketers who have made their own way regardless of the society.

It is always said about the empowerment of women. But do we know how much these Indian women cricketers have to struggle to get out of the house? She faces the circumstances of the society and the conditions of the house, when she gets success. So let’s know,

10 such Indian women cricketers who have made their own way regardless of the society.

1. Veda Krishnamurthy

indian women cricketers

Veda Krishnamurthy – Veteran batsman Veda Krishnamurthy fulfilled her dream of becoming a cricketer by fighting situations. Veda’s father was a cable operator in Chikamaglur, a small town in Karnataka. Veda was fond of cricket from the beginning. At the age of 13, Veda started training at the Karnataka Institute of Cricket.

Veda’s father fully supported her. Veda is also a martial arts champion and she attained a black belt at the age of 12. Irfan Seth, director of the Karnataka Institute of Cricket, nurtured Veda’s talent and became her coach.

2. Harleen Deol

indian women cricketers

Harleen Deol – an all-rounder and is from Chandigarh. Harleen, who started cricket at the age of eight, is from a middle class family, she used to play cricket with her brother at home. Her dream was to become a cricketer.

However, many women also complained to her mother for this reason but Harleen got the support of the family. she broke the restrictions of the society and kept trying to fulfil her dreams.

3. Pooja Vastrakar

indian women cricketers

Pooja Vastrakar – Fast bowler and Puja is from Madhya Pradesh when she was ten years old. Then the mother’s shadow was taken from her head (death). It was very painful for the youngest Pooja among the seven sisters and brothers.

he learned to handle herself from childhood. And her biggest support was cricket. She took cricket seriously with studies and then decided to make a career in sport. Although she wanted to be a batsman. But on the advice of the coach, she adopted fast bowling.

4. Arundhati Reddy

indian women cricketers

Arundhati Reddy – A medium pacer and hailing from Hyderabad. The medium speed fast bowler Arundhati has a special significance in her life for mother, Bhagyareddy. She started playing cricket with her brother at the age of 12.

Arundhati was smart in studies and everyone said that she should leave her cricket and concentrate on studies. But Arundhati wanted to become a cricketer. And she got the most support from her mother. It was mother who inspired her to become a cricketer.

5. Richa Ghosh

indian women cricketers

Richa Ghosh – is a batsman and is from Siliguri, West Bengal. Richa, who made a place in the Indian team at the age of just 16, has developed herself enough to reach here. She knew that it is very difficult to make a place in the national team.

In such a situation, she found a new way and got herself into all the departments of the game bowling, batting and wicket keeping. She is also a tremendous fielder. The inspiration to become a cricketer came from her father, who has been a cricketer and today is touching success.

6. Radha Yadav

indian women cricketers

Radha Yadav – is a spinner and her journey was not so easy. On the strength of hard work and struggle, she left the 220 feet slum in Mumbai and travelled to the national team. Radha made a place at the age of just 17. Her father used to run a small vegetable shop in a colony of Borivali and he had responsibility of 9 people on his shoulder.

In such a situation, it was a challenge to spend money for Radha. Seeing Radha’s hard work and dedication, her coach Prafulla Nayak helped a lot. And today Radha Yadav gave a new look to her dreams.

7. Shikha Pandey

indian women cricketers

Shikha Pandey – is a fast bowler and is from Karimnagar, Goa. Never let your dream go to waste, this statement is of fast bowler Shikha Pandey. Whose teacher father had given this teaching. Shikha, 30, started playing cricket with boys in the street from the age of five.

In childhood, Shikha had boy cut hair and after many matches were over, the boys came to know that she is a girl. Shikha got the full support of the family. Sikha has an engineering degree. After finishing engineering, she got a good job offer from three big companies but she turned down for cricket and made cricket her passion.

8. Tania Bhatia

indian women cricketers

Tania Bhatia – A wicket keeper and is from Chandigarh. It is very difficult to carry forward and shape the family tradition. But Tania has done it well. Her father worked in the Central Bank of India and played cricket on University level.

Tania made her mark at the international level. To make Tania an international cricketer, her father took her to Yograj Singh, the father of the great Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh. At the age of 11, she made her place to Punjab Under-19 and completed her own and father’s dreams,

9. Harmanpreet Kaur

indian women cricketers

Harmanpreet Kaur – Harmanpreet is from Moga district of Punjab. Her father was a cricketer with Bali ball and Basketball. She loved cricket after watching her father. But it was not easy for Harmanpreet.

For this, She was admitted to the New Gyan Jyoti School. Which was 30 kilometers away from her house. Kamaldish Singh not only improved the game but also gave her free coaching. Harmanpreet’s career began at the age of 20 against Pakistan in 2009.

10. Poonam Yavad

indian women cricketers

Poonam Yavad – is a leg spinner and is from Agra, UP. There was also a time in her career who created tizzy with her spin in the Women’s World Cup. When father refused to play cricket due to social pressure.

Poonam wrote her own story with passion. According to her mother, when Poonam used to play prior, people used to taunt. But now everyone has stopped speaking. Father said that Poonam is not inferior to boys in any way. Poonam has also been awarded the Arjuna Award.

Eventually, Indian women cricketers made their own way by struggling a lot.

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