10 Best video games popular in the world

Best video games. Who doesn’t like to play games if we ask this, there is “Best video games” hardly anyone who does not agree and talks about indoor games.

So today there are many such games which are played on mobile. Earlier there were few such games, only one person could play. But with the speed of time, the gaming world has also grown very fast. Today, we can sit in one place and play online by inviting people to that game.

No matter where you are sitting. The world of mobile gaming is interesting. There are more than one games being presented here on this day. But there are also some old games which are becoming more exciting and entertaining with new updates.

That’s why the download number is reaching in millions of crores. We are going to tell you about 10 such games which you must have ever played and if you haven’t played these games then you must try. People do not know about their time while playing this game.

10 Best video games popular in ther world

1. Clash of clans

If we talk about this game, the first game was launched in 2012 and now this latest game was updated again and launched in oct 2019. If you take a look at its download, so far more than 50 crore people have downloaded this game. It is one of the most popular real time strategy games on mobile.

Best video games

This game, based on the era of the old king, brings Gamers into the world of fantasy. Where they collect gold keeping an eye on the target. The motive in this is to set up a city, constitute an army and loot another village in the desire for property. Playing this game seems to be as interesting as you are doing and you want to do everything that happens in this game, however it is just a game.

2. Indian Air Force: A Cut Above

This game has become a wish of millions of hearts, this game was launched in July 2019. If you talk about the download of this game, more than 10 lakhs people have downloaded this game. Google has nominated this 3D video game of Indian Air Force wing commander Abhinandan’s story of gallantry in the category of users’ choice game of Best Games 2019.

Best video games

It is an online multiplayer battle game. In which the player gets a great virtual experience of combat missions done by the Indian Air force. All efforts have been made to give the players the feel of the real pilot in the game.

Game players have to kill the enemy by flying fighter jets and helicopters. In this, players are first trained. And then they get a chance to be a free pilot. When users play this game, it seems that he is the pilot and is killing enemies.

3. Call of duty

Call of Duty was launched in 2003 and its latest update is Call of Duty Mobile. If we talk about its download, today more than 10 million people have downloaded in the world, every version of this old game has been well liked by the people.

Best video games

Its mobile version has taken the game to a new height. The game was downloaded 14 million times within 7 days of launching. And it became the most popular game. Of course, playing this game makes the people standing in the battlefield of the new age as well-trained commandos and feel while playing that it is you who are doing all the activities.

4. Asphalt

Launched in 2004, this game is ruling the hearts of millions today. Latest Asphalt 9: Legends this is the latest version. If you look at its download, then more than 35 crore people have downloaded this best video games and are enjoying this game so far. This is a car racing game and this car racing game is unique. It has almost all models of a luxurious car. You can start the game by choosing one of them.

Best video games

The special thing about this game is that this game in the life-like race course present in different places of the world. While playing it, the racer inside you comes out freely and you get a great thrill. It feels like you are driving while playing this game.

5. Frontnite Battle Royal

A few years ago in 2017, the frontnite Battle Royal game was launched. If we talk about the download of this game, then its latest version was already downloaded 10 crores in the week and one can see an increase in the number of users using it in the present.

Best video games

In this, players are landed on an island in the form of 4 players squad, where they have to fight to stay till the end with the help of weapons. While playing it, the users are made to feel that the same battle is being fought and how they have to face it all depends on them.

6. FiFa

Games that people are eagerly waiting for to come online are just a few games. In this it is a game FIFA which was launched in 1993. Its latest version, FIFA 20, has been downloaded over 26 crore on different platforms.

Best video games

The specialty of the game is that you can become the manager of football teams like Manchester United or FC Barcelona. Can take the team to virtual play in Madrid and football ground. Which is very interesting and it seems that you are instructing.

7. Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go This game was launched in 2016. Its latest version is Pokémon Go. If we talk about its download, then more than 1 billion people have downloaded it so far. It is one of the world’s successful augmented reality games. Its specialty is that there is no need to stick to the gamer screen. The gamer reaches the virtual land of Pokémon while playing this game.

Best video games

People also reach the public toilet to hunt the characters present in the game. This game has 480 Pokémon species and it is very difficult to hunt them all in turn. That is why the interest remains and people like to play.

8. Real cricket

Such a game that we have been watching on TV, but when we play in realty, it becomes fun. One such game is Real Cricket which was launched in 2014, its latest version is Real Cricket 19 which has more than 5 crore users of this game. There are dozens of options available on the mobile of this cricket game but people are preferring real cricket only.

Best video games

Things like the visuals in the real ground of cricket, pre-match shows and replay during the match make it more special. You can also put helicopter shots and bowling at Lord’s Stadium in London. Apart from this, you can also choose your team from the cricket team of the 1980s and 1990s and enjoy the game.


PUBG You must have heard the name of this game. This game has become like an addiction in the blood of people. Game was launched in 2017 and lates PUBG mobile, it has more than 400 million users. In this game, 100 players use from rifle to rifle for survival in the battle of survival.

Best video games

Currently the PUBG’s revenue is more than 71 billion rupees. The interesting thing is that people are earning a lot of money by creating YouTube content related to this game and winning professional PUBG contest. Its intoxication soaked in people that people keep their other work in pending and keep playing PUBG.

10. Ludo King

Ludo King is available for both Android and Apple phones and is also very easy to play. This game has been downloaded by over 30 lakh people today, was launched on 20 February 2016. The graphics of the game are not so great and at times the dice of Ludo can also give a strange experience.

Best video games

But still playing this game has its own fun. You can spend many hours playing this game with your friends and it is so easy and entertaining to play that you will recommend playing it to those people who do not play Ludo without any hesitation.

WE have recommended 10 best video games that are already popular and popularity of these games are gaining day by day.

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